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People Who Buy Stage Pianos

While it certainly is not always the case, stage pianos are usually not considered by those who are beginners or even some intermediates. This is for a number of reasons.

Usually, stage pianos come in at the high end of cost when it comes to digital pianos as a whole, and someone who is just getting used to playing a piano or looking to play for the first time is most likely not looking to play live performances on stages or in front of audiences.

Quite simply, you do not need all the firepower that digital stage pianos bring to the table if you’re just jumping into the world of piano playing for the first time. If that happens to be you, we recommend you read our article aimed square at beginners: What is the Best Digital Piano for Beginners?

Also, it is important to note that most stage pianos actually do not come with built in speakers, as they’re often designed to be connected via amplification devices in a performance setting. This certainly makes things difficult for the user who wants to practice in the privacy of his or her own home.

Most of the time, people who are most interested in stage pianos are professional musicians, those who get paid to play instruments for a living and need something sturdy, dependable, and capable of standing up to some serious wear and tear by a traveling piano player.

Also, stage pianos appeal more to those who play inside churches or performance auditoriums and want to have the best of the best machinery available at their disposal. These machines appeal to musicians who like to work in a studio environment, as stage pianos are very high powered and work well with recording software and platforms such as MIDI.

Digital vs Acoustic Piano

Stage Pianos

Digital vs Acoustic PianoThere are many differences between digital and acoustic pianos and you should think carefully about that when you are considering purchasing either.

Digital pianos do offer a lot of great advantages comparison with acoustic pianos. You should bear in mind that’s a digital piano cannot recreate fully the tone or expression of an acoustic piano. This is the reason why some people still prefer an acoustic piano over at digital one.

One of the biggest advantages of digital pianos is that you will get many great features that you would not get with an acoustic piano. Some of these features include Basic drum patterns and auxiliary input.Another great are choosing a digital piano is that it is quite portable.

There are many different sizes of the digital piano to choose from so you can ensure that you will get a digital piano that suits your needs. Acoustic pianos, however, tend to be heavy and cumbersome. They are not at all portable and you will struggle to remove them from room to room without needing another person to help you. This makes digital pianos perfect for musicians who travel to concerts to make a living.

If you have never used a digital piano before you may be surprised to learn is that when you press the keys on the lower register you need to press the heavier that you do with the keys on the higher register. This is essentially mimics the feel of an acoustic piano.

A digital piano will often use synthesised recordings of high-quality concert instruments. For around the same price as a cheap acoustic piano, you can purchase a Digital piano that has been much better sound.

A digital piano is a perfect tool for a new pianist. They often come up with a learning program or feature that allows you to learn to play the piano using guides or similar method. One of the problems with having an acoustic piano is that you regularly need to tune it in order for it to perform perfectly in a concert scenario. Whilst digital piano still need tuning they will stay in tune and will require very little maintenance.

If you are a student or a new pianist, some people may have told you that acoustic piano is the only option for you. You will usually find that some teachers believe that acoustic pianos produced the purest sound and as a result are the best instruments to learn on. This is not the case and purchasing a digital piano can provide you with many more features than you could ever expect to have with an acoustic piano.

You should remember that and what you can afford for digital piano the better the quality of the instrument would be. This is the same case with acoustic piano. You should always purchase the best piano for your budget and try to avoid low quality cheaper instruments. Cheap instruments will not last as long and you will end up spending more money in the long run.More at

Examples of Stage Pianos and Comparisons

digital stage piano

Casio has been producing great pianos for many years, and their Privia line is one of the most renowned and sought after pianos.

The Casio Privia PX 350 is an example of this. It’s a great stage piano on the lower end of the pricing spectrum (stage pianos can go for up to four and five thousand dollars in price).

The PX 350 has 88 keys with real feeling ebony and ivory tops. It comes with 128-note polyphony, an amazing 250 tones, and a massive 17 track, 5 song recording system.

It is supported by Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II system and their AiR sound source, which might just be the best bang for your buck for the $700 price range.

A comparable piano to this would be the Kawai ES100. Kawai digital pianos are pretty well known, although I feel they are more recognized for their real acoustic and grand pianos.

Still, the ES100 is a great machine in the same price range, also having 88 keys and a comparable hammer action system (Advanced Hammer Action IV-F). However the ES100 is more of a standard stage piano in that it does not have nearly as many tones (19), but it does have a bit more polyphony (192 notes). It uses the Harmonic Imaging (HI) ,88-Key Piano Sampling sound source.

At the very high-end spectrum of stage pianos, there are some really amazing options, even though you should be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

There is the Yamaha CP4, which some claim is the best digital stage piano made by Yamaha. This machine features an astounding 45 grand piano sounds, 47 vintage electric pianos, and 341 other voices.

That collection is almost unheard of

digital piano reviews

It has a beautiful hammer wooden key action with synthetic ivory tops, and weighs in at an unbelievably lightweight 38.5 pounds.

However, let’s not count out the Kurzweil Artis, which features a 9’ German grand piano sound to go with 255 other stage sounds. It has 128 notes polyphony, its own hammer weighted key action, an impressive FX engine to help you modify the sound, and sliders, switches and wheels to make up its programmable controller system.

The Roland RD-800 is another piano that falls into this discussion as well, as it comes with 88 keys, Roland’s best Progressive Hammer Action 4 system, the SuperNATURAL piano sound engine, and a whopping 1,113 tones!

led light up flowers

Light Up Flowers Reviews

Are you looking for light-up flowers? Well, that is something that a lot of people are doing these days. Since they want to take their rooms to a new level, they buy light up flowers as soon as possible. You should do the same if you want to get the same results.

We will let you know about some great light up flowers that will allow you to truly have fun at night. Your rooms will never be the same once you purchase some light-up flowers today. We will give you the details you need so you can have what you want too. More at


Light Up Flowers

The LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED can give you the warm white light that you have been seeking for a long time these days. The LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED also has all the portability that you have been seeking in these types of items too.

The LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED is also truly easy to install and you will do it right away. The LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED is also a hand-made item that you will manage to purchase at the right price too. You will love the LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED because it will light up at night like no other item.

WOHOME Solar Garden Lights

led light up flowers

The WOHOME Solar Garden Lights has the large lily flowers that you need to see today. The quality and the appearance of the WOHOME Solar Garden Lights are second to none, and you will truly appreciate what this item can do for your rooms.

The WOHOME Solar Garden Lights is truly made of the high-quality materials that you love. Can the WOHOME Solar Garden Lights withstand any bad weather? You bet it! It can do that and then some whenever you want to. The WOHOME Solar Garden Lights also has a built-in battery that you will adore.

Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK

light purple flowers

The Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK are the decorative lights that you have been seeking for a long time. Light your gardens with the amazing Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK so you can have more fun in no time flat too.

You can always recharge the outstanding Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK if you want to. Therefore, get the Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK so you can truly take your room to a new level. Creating a unique or at home is easier than ever with the Solar Lights Outdoor by CCJK by your side too.

We have talked about some of the best light up flowers money can buy. These flowers are just out of this world because they can truly take any room to a new level down the road. Yes, the LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED is one of those light-up rooms that you will adore.

The LIGHTSHARE Crystal Flower LED is truly here to stay for a long time because it can give you the warm white lights that you need to see today. The WOHOME Solar Garden Lights are also awesome because they have been built using high-quality materials in no time flat too.


What’s The Best Wood For A Bathroom Vanity?

It’s important to choose the right wood for the bathroom in your vanity. Bathrooms are damp spaces, and if you choose the wrong type of wood, your vanity may not hold up well over time. What’s the best wood to choose? These are a few of your best options.



Oak is one of the most durable types of wood, which means it’s a great option in any room of your home. It’s also water resistant, which makes it an especially good option for bathroom vanity. Oak is easy to stain and polish, which means you’ll have control over the appearance of your vanity.

Since an oak vanity is easy to customize, this type of wood can work well in bathrooms of many styles. It’s an attractive wood grain that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It’s versatile, and it’s more affordable than many other types of wood.



A cedar vanity can look wonderful in a bathroom, especially if you want to create a space with a rustic vibe. Cedar also tends to hold moisture well, and it’s unlikely to be damaged by higher temperatures. This is why it’s so common to see cedar used in spaces like saunas.

If you do opt to use a vanity made of cedar, you’ll want to opt for higher quality wood. Since cedar is softwood, you’ll want to make sure you work with materials that are very durable. Cedar offers a lot of options, and you can use it in other parts of your bathroom as well.



If you’d prefer hardwood for your vanity, maple is a wonderful option. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful hardwoods, and it can work with bathrooms in many different styles. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and it’s one of the hardest varieties of wood, which means your vanity should remain in great condition for a long time.

The grains on maple tend to be consistent, which is one of the reasons this wood is so aesthetically pleasing. It’s even an environmentally friendly option. A maple vanity can do a lot to enhance your bathroom.

Other Options


If you like the look of wood, but have concerns about using wood in your bathroom, there are a number of materials that can give you the look of wood. Laminate, plywood, and MDF are all viable options. These options are also more affordable than wood, which means they can be an appealing option if you’re on a budget.

MDF, which stands for “moisture resistant fiberboard,” is a particularly nice option for bathrooms. It’s also easy to paint, which means you’ll be able to customize your vanity and get the look that you want. With that said, you should keep in mind that MDF can be difficult to repair.

Make sure you find the best wood for your bathroom vanity. If you choose the right material for your vanity, you’ll be able to keep it in excellent condition. Your vanity will be a real asset to your bathroom. More at

PCP Padded Toilet Seat Cushion

PCP Padded Toilet Seat Cushion

Customer Reviews:

1. I searched high and low for a best padded toilet seat for my mom. I bought this one thinking it would be temporary until I could find something that fit her small-sized oblong toilet seat. This one works great for now! It was easy to attach with its velcro straps and seems like it will last a good while. Just what I was looking for.

2. This padded commode seat cover works very well for my mom, who is very light. We haven’t had any of the issues other people have mentioned. It does slip around a little bit, but not enough to be a safety issue.

3. Better than most made of plastic and velcro. Well sewn. Looks like it will last. Have had a couple of months and lots of use. No tears or problems. Fit commode well. Velcro allows for good adjustments. Not too thick, which was good because my mom is 5’2″ but thick enough to be comfortable. Moe at

Bad Reviews:

1. I’ve had one for several months, and it’s held up well. The softness is a real comfort boon compared to regular toilet seats, and the extra 2 inches helps noticeably getting off the toilet.

I have not noticed the soiling issue others have mentioned, but I did cut off the Velcro straps as they got urine on them. No straps result in the seat sticking to you if you are on the toilet long enough, but it does not happen often and you can just pull it off.

The Big Problem with it is although there is a space in the front for cleaning your front, there is no space in the back. One already has less room even in the front than with a normal hard seat because of the softness compression. This makes cleaning oneself difficult.

You have to bend around, hard to do some people, and then finish cleaning once you get up. If they made them in two pieces and taller so the compression would be less of a problem, this would help. The straps would have to remain attached, I think.

2. I want to love this so badly but it doesn’t make sense. While the cushion offers some height (a modest but helpful 2 inches), the hole opening is so ridiculously small that you will inevitably soil it every single time. I don’t have to give you graphic details of all the types of things that could soil it. I think probably only a small child would be able to use this without soiling it.

I find that I spend more energy bending over to clean the product than the energy that’s supposed to be saved given the slight height increase. With that said, if you have pain such as a herniated disc or lumbar pain, these extra inches may help you a small bit.

The only solid pro is that the cushion is comfortable! Consider this though- given that it’s a cushion..well….when you sit on it….it naturally compresses. So, in reality, you’re not even actually getting a full 2-inch boost.

3. When you sit down on this product it’s like sitting on a quiet whoopie cushion. It flattens out and doesn’t feel good against your skin. It was also hard to fit the cushion far enough back on the seat as to not feel like you were not in the right place. I would not recommend this product. If a cushioned seat is ever needed again I will most likely get an actual all in one cushioned toilet seat. More at

Best Lamp for Cross Stitching

Best Lamp for Cross Stitching

Cross stitching is the most well-known hobbies known to many women. It’s the precise activity which need patience, concentration, attention to details, and the best vision for colors. This involves stitching the creative patterns using various colors to achieve the best image.

Other than the bits and bobs which you’re going to require in the kit, the best source of lighting become very vital. This help you to avoid mistakes. The source of light can be the task lights that concentrate in one place but also the daylight lamps with the cool temperate are also recommended for the cross stitching. Here are the best lamp for cross stitching.

Kenley Daylight Natural Lamp

Best Lamp for Cross Stitching

Among the best lamp for cross stitching in the market nowadays, the most trusted lamp is Kenley Daylight Natural Lamp which is the must-have at home. It gives the full light spectrum that is perfect to any activity during the night times.

When you use this particular light, you are sure of receiving the excellent light source like that of the real sunshine during daylight. Actually, it has the 6400K color temperature that mimics the natural daylight. Also, it comes with the energy saving bulb which may last up to 8000 hours when in use using 27 watts of the electricity.

Brightech LED Litespan lamp

cross stitch lamp

This lamp for cross stitching lamp is non-overheating LED lamp which can give up to 2000 brightness lumens and 6000k of color temperature. Cool white light work perfectly for cross stitching and embroidery at very last and all in the small detail of the work. This includes the 12 watt power-saving LED light having the 20-year of life span. Therefore, you can have some problems when replacing a bulb. With this light, it avoids any pressure on the eyes and also it guarantees you a long lasting usage at day.

Verilux Original LED SmartLight Lamp

best light for cross stitching

The Verilux original LED SmartLight lamp offers the full natural light spectrum. This is the best lamp for cross stitching lamp that comes with the excellent quality of the LED light which last for long time as compared to other lamps. It has the Optix lens which lessens glares making the light easier to the eyes.

With this lamp, it allows you to adjust to the light color and light intensity for the convenience that you want. If you are having this type of the product, you are saved money and also time because it doesn’t make you change the light bulb from anytime. Other than this, the lamp offers very natural bright light that is perfect particularly to those who have a preference of working late in the night like sketching, studying, reading, and cross stitching.

Brightech Ava floor LED lamp

cross stitch lamps and magnifiers

This lamp for cross stitching lamp is versatile and also attractive for it can assist you to stitch. It is effective for the decorative piece for the homes. Women who normally have the lower vision and they do embroidery like their hobby can definitely get many benefits from this lamp. The lamp has the modern touch that has the smooth circular slender together with the open top shading drum. You can even adjust the pendant arm and then move anywhere that you want. More at